Sex & Dating

I'm single and I live in London. It leads to some interesting situations. Which I write about on the internet (a decision I'm sure I will come to regret in later life).

But for now, here are (almost) all the gruesome details, with the most recent first:

And why I'm really happy about it. 

What a surprise, I've fallen for my fuck buddy 

My love/hate relationship with February 14th 

That time I gave up on dating and then met this dude 

And why it wasn't like that Sam Smith song 

When my brain and my feelings just would not play ball

Taking a dude out of the friend zone is actually really hard 

Believe it or not, I end up sleeping with this guy for 6 months

In which I discover casual sex is more complicated than TV tells you it is 

In which I launch myself into singledom with gusto (and hairy legs)