About Me

May 2013 - Graduated with a media degree. Panicked.

Jun to Jul 2013 - Toiled away at the local cinema, selling popcorn and my soul.

Aug 2013 - Got an actual job in the actual film industry. HOO-bloody-RAH.

Jan 2014 - Early onset of a quarter-life crisis; broke up with boyfriend of 5 years.

Feb 2014 - Embarked on a destructive rebound with a pair of biceps.

Jul 2014 - Made a terrible, terrible career move into the world of high fashion. 

Sep 2014 - The sexual misadventures began.

Nov 2014 - Suffered crippling insomnia and was, in retrospect, pretty depressed.

Dec 2014 - Emotional turmoil caused by members of the opposite sex. 

Jan 2015 - Vowed to leave hideous job and sort out the disaster that was my life.

Mar 2015 - Started my own film production company. Boys still a distraction

In short, chaps, this blog is full of nerdy film posts and career tips, plus the gory details of my sex life, crossed with the excruciating trauma of a quarter-life crisis.... in London. Yeah, so just your average 20-something's anonymous but public secret diary really.

I work in the film industry and things get a little personal on here, so I keep my identity a secret. It's not to be rude, I promise, so do say hello - add me on Twitter and subscribe for weekly posts.

Hope you enjoy my ramblings. 

The Film Graduate

Email: thefilmgraduate@gmail.com