Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Nerdout: My Thoughts on Digital Convergence

Do we fancy a nerdy post? Good. This one is about...

YouTube vs the Traditional Broadcaster Model

I spend more time on YT than any other website at the moment because my day job is currently working in digital video for a big fashion brand. Previously I worked in high-end drama production for UK broadcasters and I never thought digital video was a side of the industry I'd experience. It wasn't that I'd ever ruled it out, it just simply hadn't occurred to me. I wanted to work in TV - not online.

Except that boundary is now blurred almost to the point of non-existence. Confession: I don't even own a television. I watch everything via my laptop on catch-up services and I expect this is now the case for most people. Why? Because living life according to the TV schedule is inconvenient and we want more choice over what we view.

YT is the extension of this - you can view clips from your favourite TV shows without having to endure the whole episode. Whether you're looking for that epic Friends quote, that particularly funny Jimmy Fallon sketch or the moment Ryan Gosling is topless in Crazy Stupid Love, YT provides.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Weekend Brunch Rules

It's about to get eggy. I hope for your sake that you've just eaten, or by the end of this post you will be salivating all down whichever digital device you are reading from. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Today I am going to tell you about the two best brunch spots in London.

For a meal to qualify as brunch it must involve eggs and be served between the hours of 9am and 1pm. So say the rules of life. 

To best enjoy your brunch I suggest being very tired from a long week, or maybe a heavy night out. You must not have had breakfast. You must wear your comfiest clothes (yoga pants would be my recommendation) and be in the company of a non-judgemental, non-dieting and equally hungry friend. At best, brunch is enjoyed on a Saturday morning; with this you can guarantee a delightful and indulgent start to your weekend.  

Friday, 10 October 2014

Lips, Kilts and Tongue Tekkers

War stories from the trenches of the London dating scene.

A recent Tinder beau made it to a 3rd date. If you're a swipe-happy veteran of the app then you'll know this is quite the achievement and, because I'm sure you're all dying to know, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you how these dates went down(hill)...

Date numero uno was spent in a quirky cocktail bar in Tooting and I'm going to refer to the guy as Lips. He has gorgeous boy lips. I'd swiped right because he looked sexy and bad-boy enough to suit my mood at the time. We quickly organised to meet for a drink; I fully expected to chat for a bit and then go back to his for naughty fun times. He seemed nice enough but after learning of his career choices (bartender and now armed forces) I presumed not particularly bright. I really need to stop making assumptions of guys because, as with other dates, I was surprised.